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Living Well

Got Questions?

From Sept. 10 - November 26, we are exploring the basics of the Christian faith through our Sunday morning teachings. Do you have questions? Would you like to learn more? Do you want to freshen up your current understanding and take the basics deeper? This is a great series to join in and invite friends to no matter what you believe about Jesus. Wherever you're at, this series will give you things to think about.

Upcoming Teaching Topics

  • Sept. 10: Does God exist? Who do we mean when we refer to God the Father?
  • Sept. 17: Who is Jesus and why did he die?
  • Sept. 24: Dave Day and celebrating FCBC's 40th
  • Oct. 1: Sharing Testimonies and Communion together
  • Oct. 8: Who is the Holy Spirit
  • Oct. 15: What is the Bible and how do I approach it?
  • Oct. 22: Why Pray?
  • Oct. 29: Can God speak to us? How do we listen for God's voice?
  • Nov. 5: Sharing Testimonies and Communion together
  • Nov. 12: What is the Church and why should I be part of one?
  • Nov. 19: What is baptism - by water and in the Spirit? Why is this important?
  • Nov. 26: Why do Christians evangelize others?