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WELCOME TO FCBC. Come join our funky, loveable community of worshippers, Bible contemplators, creative dreamers, Jesus believers and more as we try to figure life out together with God.

Worship in the Park

Life Together

Join us for our teaching series on Life Together. We are exploring how the Holy Spirit helps us build community, strong families, hospitality, and welcoming relationships within the community. Check out each teaching online.

FCBC Calendar of Events

Sun., June 23

  • 10 am - Sunday Morning Worship/Potluck in the Park @ Brittingham Park
  • 12 - 2 pm – Potluck in the Park @ Brittingham Park

Thur., June 27

  • 9 - 10 am - Morning Prayer Meeting @ FCBC (open to all)

Sun., June 30

  • 9 am - Adult Bible Study @ FCBC (lower level)
  • 10 am - Sunday Morning Service @ FCBC
  • 12 - 2 pm - Combined Middle School & High School youth group @ FCBC

    A Sozo session is a time for the Sozo team to sit down with you and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, walk you through the process of freedom and wholeness. The Sozo ministry is taking a summer break from June to August. If you are feeling an urgency for Sozo prayer, please contact us anyway to see if we can accommodate you off the official schedule.Learn more or Contact us to schedule a Sozo session.


    The FCBC Music Ministry team has put together a CD featuring original songs written and/or arranged by individual members. Hear a few selections and get the CD here.


    Housegroups are an important part of FCBC. Ranging from 8-15 people, they are the primary expression of community within FCBC. Groups are diverse and generally meet in a committed way on a weekly basis. Contact us to learn more.

    Membership Documents

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    Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, " I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life."

    — John 8:12